It's the journey - not the destination

The Story

In 2005, Vivek and his team were formally invited to present their company to Global Market Insite.

The meeting was held (in typical fashion) in a large, impressive executive boardroom with sweeping views of the sprawling GMI headquarters in Mercer Island. The imposing, suited executives around the table spent all day interrogating and examining the team’s proposal until one particularly stuffy and conservative, gray-suited member of the board sniffed, “we’re just not sure that we want to invest in a couple of internet cowboys.”

Which is when we turned to each other and realized just how uncommon and unconventional we were and how uninterested we were in their business as usual.

We rejected the 220K offer and set about building our business on a cowboy’s terms.

Vivek Bhaskaran

As Managing Partner of Internet Cowboy Ventures, Vivek is intricately involved with the incubation each of the portfolio companies.

Seattle, WA

The Philosophy

  • SaaS / Cloud Based
  • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet - 360 Computing
  • Open-Source / Open Standards - Java/Linux/MySQL
  • Fremium & Disruptive Pricing
  • Flat world - Hire talent across the globe
  • Viral and Consumer facing
  • 1% for Charity
  • Flex-Work - Home, Basement, Cabin, Chalet
  • Employees First - Customers Second
  • In God We Trust - The rest of you bring data
  • MBA - Management By Absence
  • No HiPPO* Meetings

* HiPPO : Highest Paid Person's Opinion.